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March 2017 Newsletter | Nicole Saunders - South Florida Ebony Escort and Companion

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March 2017 Newsletter

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March 2017 Newsletter

“May you live to be 100, with one extra year to repent.” ~ Irish Saying

I wonder how many of you are out there tonight partying hard and drinking green beer! As much as I love Guinness, I pretty much always sit tight because Miami drivers are crazy enough and I’m not trying to be on the road tonight!. So I do hope, as you raise your glass to your lips, you take a sip and tell a good Irish joke for me.

Tampa, Here I Come!!! March 23-25

I will be arriving in Tampa next week!!! My availability will be from 3p on Thurs, Mar 23rd through noon on Sat, Mar 25th. I’m super excited to see everyone, and meet some new friends too. Also, you have a great Korean restaurant there that makes some amaaaazing bulgogi so I’m pretty eager to get up there!

…And Beyond, Northwards!

For April, I am strongly considering the Carolinas, especially NC. Ive never toured there before, so really am hoping to hear from anyone interested in seeing me there. With the weather as crazy as it is at the moment, I’m hanging tight until the end of May when I will be heading to Detroit!

I keep listing off cities I’m interested in visiting, so far, I’m hearing more from guys in Pittsburgh, Philly and Boston. So heads up! if you’d like me to visit your city, make sure you let me know!

Janey Mack! A bad Irish Joke…imagine that!

It was Friday evening and having just been paid, Seamus and Murphy were trying to decide where to go that night. “I know,” says Murphy, “there’s a great club in town we ought to try.” “What’s it like?” asked Seamus.

Murphy answers, “Well, you go into the club, up to the bar where they give you a free drink. Then you go upstairs for a free shag. Then you go back to the bar and have another free drink. After 20 minutes you go back upstairs for another shag then on the way out, they give you a hundred quid.

“Saints be praised!” said Seamus, “That sounds great. Have you been there before?” “No,” says Murphy, “but me sister has!”

Kiss Me! I might be Irish!

“May you have all the happiness and luck that life can hold— And at the end of all your rainbows may you find a pot of gold.”

Nicole Saunders Miami Florida Escort St Patricks Day Green

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