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A Word About Reviews

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A Word About Reviews

Okay so, let me go ahead and get this out of the way…I like reviews.  Heck, I like my reviews! Even though Im not review dependent, the few I did get provided a bit of verification to anyone doing their research about me and confirmed the way I describe myself to prove I’m not just making it up as I go along. Win win..right?! Yeah, it was pretty awesome.

Uber Review Diane Come Back

Funny Uber Review

Which brings me to now…TER is the main nation-wide resource online but it seems the process has gotten even tougher and a review Ive been waiting on keeps getting rejected.

Reviews are subjective, so this wouldn’t even bother me except for a couple recent situations that had me feeling like Im awkwardly trying to explain the gap in my work history.  I’m not prepared for this!!! lol *sigh*

So if you are curious why all my reviews are so old… I was doing boring life things for a couple years and now Im back.  I do want you to feel as comfortable as possible and do whatever research you need to spend time with me, the same as I will to feel comfortable spending time with you. That way, we both can be excited and filled with anticipation to meet…and isnt that the whole point? Win Win!!!



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  1. I once submitted a review of you to TER but it was rejected. Not sure why. Maybe it was because I did it to the tune of “Land of 1000 Dances”.
    Nicole knows how to Pony/Like-uh bony maronie/we did the mashed potater/and the alligator/I put my hands on her hips/and felt my backbone slip/Na-nananana-nanananananananana-nananana/Yeah! feeling good ya’ll/I feel alright!

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